Suite 1 – Reception

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Upon entering your office suite, you have a perfect area on the right for a counter-high desk and seating with room for accessories. From this location your staff can welcome anyone coming into your office.

Suite 2 – Conference Room or Large Office

Mathias SkipFeatured, Photo Pages, Suite 2

This area is perfect for either a large office or conference room.  The example shows it set up as a large office with a desk, shelving, cabinets and a table for up to 4 people.  As a conference room it comfortably accommodates 8 people.  Windows on 3 walls allows the natural light to permeate this area.

Suite 1 – Back Corner

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In the back of the office space, the northwest corner, there is ample room for several desks and filing cabinets. Your staff has open access to each other for easy collaboration. And with a variety of storage options your team can quickly find the files that are needed. This space could be further divided for privacy if desired.